Sylva Pheonix

In 1989 the Mk 2 was complemented with the streamlined Mk 4. This was based on a modified Mk2 chassis, the triangular front bulkhead was left off and a bolt-on roll bar with forward facing braces was substituted for the normal welded on bar, a bolt on front hinge frame was added for bonnet support. The body style was influenced by sports racing cars of the 50’s specifically the Lola Mk1. Early cars retained the outboard front suspension of the Mk3 which worked very well. This was later replaced by inboard suspension and a revised bonnet to accommodate the narrower track.

The Striker Mk4 became the Phoenix when Chris Appleby took over sales and marketing from his glass fibre production premises near Silverstone.

There are two versions of Phoenix now on sale. One remains much as the original with the wider front body (for the Chevette derived suspension) and having the truncated rear with the spoiler. The other being the later more rounded body that fits over the narrower track Ford derived suspension.

Current Manufacturer/Project Owner: Cyana Sportscars and Raw Engineering