Welcome to the JPSC Website

The Jeremy Phillips Sportscars Club (JPSC) was formed in 2007 to support enthusiasts of the cars designed by Jeremy Phillips.

If you have been to any kit car show, then you will have seen Jeremy's cars. They include the Star, Leader, Striker, Phoenix, Fury, Stylus, Jester, Mojo, Riot and most recently the J15. These cars are produced by a variety of manufacturers, and the JPSC aims to support all of them, whilst maintaining independence for the benefit of members.

You don't have to be an owner of a Jeremy Phillips car to belong to the JPSC - we are open to everyone. The club is run by an elected committee of volunteers, and aims to provide a completely open style, ensuring that members know precisely what their membership fees are going on.

Our aim is to be an electronic club, but for a small additional fee, we will produce paper copies of the club newsletter (The Proper Job).

Copies of The Proper Job - the magazine of the JPSC can be found by clicking the button at the top of the page!

The JPSC provides a number of benefits to members. These currently include:-

  • A regular newsletter, containing contributions from a variety of members.
  • A presence at all main kit car shows depending on committee member availability but will be Stoneleigh at least! Giving members a focal point for getting together, for kicking tyres or socialising.
  • Discounted insurance
  • Local meets, co-ordinated by volunteers
  • Overseas trips - Le Mans being our favourite.