Launch:             1995

The Jester surprised many a dyed in the wool Sylva owner. It was a fun car based on an 1100/1300 Mk 1 Fiesta; however its quirky looks hide a fantastic chassis providing great performance and handling. It was conceived as a latter day beach buggy and is the only Sylva with a body styled by someone other than JP. Automotive design student Huw McPherson was given the unenviable task of making a front engined sports roadster look cool. Typical of Jeremy’s creations a simple design has created affordable hot hatch performance. Later Jesters were available with a curved screen which was specially commissioned at great cost.

Mike Phillips (no relation) of Harlequin bought the Jester project, and after a few years in the wilderness a much anticipated launch of a Ford Ka based Jester is well overdue from Stingray Motorsport.

Current Manufacturer/Project Owner: Stingray Motorsport