Launch:             1999

The Mojo was a radical departure from the usual front engined rear wheel drive cars normally associated with Sylva and caused a major sensation at the Stoneleigh Show for its first public airing. The all GRP body style was completely unique and utilized the curved windscreen originally destined for the Jester. Bodywork consisted of front cycle wings, tip forward bonnet, full width rear and hinged engine cover. It was originally designed around the front wheel drive engine/ gearbox installation from an Mk2 Fiesta XR2 transposed to the rear to give a transverse mid-mounted setup. The first Mojo used de Dion rear axle located with trailing arms and Panhard rod. The front suspension was another variation on the Sylva inboard front suspension design using modified Fiesta uprights.

Mojo 2 was redesigned with independent double wishbone rear suspension which allowed for a much lower rear body line giving the car a more streamlined overall appearance. It reverted to outboard front suspension utilizing Sierra uprights. The new redesigned rear, lowered elbow cut outs and rationalized nose distinguished it from the earlier cars. A second variation on the nose was soon to follow; this incorporated winglets and gave more room for the radiator.

A further development of the Mojo 2, which took the rear chassis design of the Riot SE to give a slightly longer wheelbase. This allowed the fitment of the very light fuel injected Ford Sigma engine. The rear bodywork was redesigned to accommodate the extra length behind the rear bulkhead.

The project was bought by Matthew Beardshaw in 2008

Current Manufacturer/Project Owner; Meggt