Launch:             2004

The Riot was developed for those who fancied a bike engine in a Mojo but were told that there wasn’t enough length in the engine bay. A very simple completely new chassis was developed to keep overall dimensions to an absolute minimum. The rear twin wishbone suspension stayed the same as the Mojo but at the front Capri uprights were utilized in conjunction with rocker arms and inboard shocks. The minimal GRP nose, rear engine cover and four cycle wings over an aluminium clad chassis made for an extremely light car especially when installed with the Yamaha R1 engine. The original version using the Yamaha engine was called the R1ot. Later it was reengineered to accept the Ford Fiesta/Puma Sigma engine package and became known as Riot SE. It went on to become “Kit Car of the Year 2005”.

Current Manufacturer/Project Owner: Sylva Autokits