Fisher Fury

Launch:             1991

The Fury was designed primarily as a road car to compliment the competition oriented Phoenix. The chassis was optimized to increase cockpit space and ease production. The body was derived from the Phoenix after it was realized that the Lotus Elan S2 windscreen was a very close match on plan. It is a full bodied car with flip forward bonnet, doors and weather gear. Much of the winning chassis features of the Striker/Phoenix were also very much in evidence of the Fury.

The Fury project was sold to Fisher Sportscars in 1994.

Mark Fisher made many developments to the Fury, including independent rear suspension and removing the screen to make the Le Mans version which was sold as a competitor to the Phoenix. Fisher also led the way with Bike Engine installations, and developing the mid engined Menace with the Kit Car Workshop. The Fury has recently moved to long term Fury expert Steve Hughes.

Current Manufacturer/Project Owner: Steve Hughes at Fury Sports Cars