New Editor/New magazine...and a bit of other stuff

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New Editor/New magazine...and a bit of other stuff

Postby Edd » Tue Aug 21, 2012 8:55 pm

The latest JPSC Magazine, now expertly edited by Matt Robson is available to download at the JPSC website. Please go to the website, you will need to register is not already then click on the Proper job drop down menu and find August 2012!
Please support Matt with articles and information!
As mentioned to get to the download you will need to register on the website, you don’t have to be an up to date member and if you have lapsed since Stoneleigh you won’t have been able to renew anyway! More about that in a bit…
Eventually, all members will be on the online database and access to the member’s area on the website will be seamless! In the meantime the master database is only on my PC so if you have any questions about your membership please contact me.
Ok, renewals, although we have now set them at £5 pa we are currently unable to take your money. We had to set up a new bank account when we changed company status, if anyone has tried to open an account lately you will know this not an easy process any longer. We are looking at a Paypal/Googlepay payment system but trying the work out the best one!
Hope all good, keep it on the black stuff!

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