May 2019 Update/Missive

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May 2019 Update/Missive

Postby Edd » Fri Apr 26, 2019 11:26 am

Good Morning,
Just a quick few lines about Stoneleigh 2019, and an annual update!
JPSC will be there, or at least I will, from Saturday afternoon till just after Lunch on Monday. Location is a bit unknown at the moment; our traditional spot has apparently been removed for a new access road for HS2. Our official location is Grand Ring Block J, but they have also promised to locate us with Royale on Pitch 17. We won't know till we arrive on Saturday exactly where we'll be but I hope to be somewhere near the phone mast, I'll try and update the forums on arrival!
There will be BBQ and a few drinks on Sunday evening, provided to members by the JPSC, but feel free to bring your own if particularly hungry/thirsty!
Sylva Merchandise
David MacBean of Sylva has donated all the remaining Sylva Merchandise to the club to help with funds, I'll try and post pics also but there are details below and rough cost, some items are limited to Qty and sizes, but lots of mugs and keyrings so on a first come basis:-
Mugs- £3
Keyrings- £3
T-Shirts (Purple or Green) - £5
Holdall (red/blue/black) - £5
Jacket- £10

I'll bring all the Shirts/Holdalls/Shirts with me and a few dozen mugs/keyrings, if sell all those then can post!

JPSC Accounts
OK, there's still over a £1000 in the accounts so keeping annual renewals to ZERO for at least another year! Only spends per year are the Stoneleigh Kit Car show Food/Drinks etc. and small admin costs. Would love to spend money subsidising track days/events but not much happening.
JPSC Itself.
I am happy to plod on by myself as Chair, with support from the committee. We all have other commitments (jobs/Family etc.!) so have little time to take the JPSC where it could be! I look at awe at the Westfield owners club, the North West Kit car owners club and wish we could be something like it but this is difficult due to both low numbers and geographical challenges!
If you are reading this and thinking you could do a better job (not difficult I hear you say!) feel free to get in touch and we can discuss!
That's about it from me, if you are at Stoneleigh please come and say hi and tell me to put the kettle on, the weather is looking great so far!
Edward Berresford
JPSC Chair.
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