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Sylva Autokits

Postby Edd » Thu Feb 25, 2016 7:35 pm

Hi All,
It is with great pleasure I would like to bring news of a new owner for Sylva Autokits, please see email copies from the new owners, please feel free to wish them well and use th eenquires email.

From JP:-

"Good morning Edd,
I am pleased to say that David and Sharon MacBean ( ) are in the process taking on Sylva Autokits and will be exhibiting at the Stoneleigh Show. They will be operating from a factory unit at the Mallory Park Race Circuit and should be up and running with the Sylva Vectis body chassis kits by the summer.
I am slowly passing the message on to existing and prospective customers and hope that Sylva will continue for another 35 years.
Catch up with you and the other guys in the JPSC at Stoneleigh...
All the best,
Jeremy Phillips"

..and from David:-

"In terms of Sylva moving forward I'm more than happy to work with the club - life and blood of any marque. We are basing the business out of Mallory Park so have ample space for JPSC to visit, camp etc. Early days but exclusive track use is also on the cards if the club wants. Appreciate you keeping this confidential at the moment until we have finalised lease documents etc.

In terms of Vin Plates and badges etc, there is some revised artwork proposed but all the back catalogue of designs will be available to anybody requiring it.



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