Survey results

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Survey results

Postby Edd » Sat Sep 03, 2022 11:09 am

HI All,
Sorry for taking so long, as normal! Life gest in the way.
Brief summary of the survey results, many thanks for your support in this.
1. 56% of people taking part in the survey were members.
2. 20% actually parked on the JPSC pitch
3. Pitch Location – mixed response really! Ideally we need to be closer, whilst keeping electrickery! Quite a challenge, let’s see what we can do next year! I’m not convinced we really need electricity, maybe someone has a Jackery/ecoflo we could borrow? Can I convince SWMBO to buy one!
4. Equipment – again, a little mixed, but definitely need a shelter of sorts to create a meeting point, after all it’s the only time JPSC get together!
5. Help – this is where my survey design fell down! Although 13 people kindly offered to help, there was no way for me to know, or them to tell me who they were! Doh!

So, in summary.

1. JPSC will continue for now, hopefully someone will have the time/enthusiasm etc. to take it over at some time.
2. I’ll look at a pitch closer to the Halls, but still maintaining some of what we had under the mast!

Lastly, help! If you were on the 13, can you please reply to this email, or if on the forum please email me directly on and we’ll go from there.

Many thanks
Edward Berresford.

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