JSPC Le Mans 2016 Trip

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JSPC Le Mans 2016 Trip

Postby Edd » Mon Nov 30, 2015 9:03 pm

Plans for 2016 are late as usual.
Can I have a hands up, by email to me, on whom would like to join us at Spay next year!
Plans (although other crossings are available or you can make your own)
I would like to return to Newhaven-Dieppe 2300-0400 Weds 15th June 2016, returning 1800-2100 Mon 20th, but since DFDS are no longer running it and are only supporting bookings till April 2016 there is currently no way to book/enquire for June 2016 yet, although it appears to be continuing to operate!
So plan B, as we have done the last two years is Dover-Calais approx.. 1500-1700 Weds 15th and 1800-1900 Monday 20th with an overnight camp at Neufchatel before a blast through the lanes to Spay and Thursday!
Approx. £350 per car as previous years, including Ferries/Camping/Tickets, if I can do it cheaper then great, it used to be £300 but tickets and ferries keep going up!
What I need to book:-
Deposit of £50 per car as soon as possible.
Assuming the Newhaven-crossing isn’t available in the next few weeks we will book dover-Calais, but in this case it is normally ok to wait till new year with the Dover crossing.
In any instance get in touch with me by return and I’ll give more details help as reqd.
You may see this email a few times on various Forums/lists, sorry.
Edward Berresford
PS. I may be in need of a passenger.

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Re: JSPC Le Mans 2016 Trip

Postby Mike51 » Fri Dec 04, 2015 9:58 pm

I am planning to go to Classic Le Mans this year 8-10 July. Anyone else going?

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Re: JSPC Le Mans 2016 Trip

Postby Edd » Wed Jan 20, 2016 5:31 pm

Last call befoe I book ferries:-
Dover/Calais Weds1500/Mon1800
Camping at Neufchatel Weds evening
Drive to spay thursday, watch qually etc.
Camp at Spay
Drive home Monday.
£50 needed now to book, then I need ferry costs asap.
Feel free to book own crossing and join us on the other side for a fun drive down!

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