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Low Cost Racing

Posted: Wed Jun 08, 2022 8:50 am
by peter030371
After a Covid induced delay of 2 years, this weekend I should finally get my Striker on track sprinting which is what I built it for really :D

I have looked at various events such as the TWMC All Circuit championship ( and followed the Javelin Sprint Series with interest (

At Christmas I had planned to enter the All Circuit but then they released this years calendar that didn't originally include my closest circuit and one double header this year is on a short non-circuit course (so its now the 'almost all circuit'). The costs for All Circuit are higher but last year all the locations were a lot closer to home so halved the travel costs for me, they have lost the saving this year. So although all the events are the other end of the country to me I opted to give the Javelin series a go this year.

I was already busy in May so my first event is this weekend at Blyton.

The 'kit car' classes are very under represented in this series. Looks like I can win my class by turning up and reversing around the course as I am the only one in it! It costs not more than a track day. OK you get less track time than a track day but you can only drive around in circles so many times without nodding off :lol:

The rules for Javelin are very simple and almost any 'track day' car is eligible with no further work. You don't need certified ROPS, fresh seatbelts every few years, in date fire extinguisher etc Obviously if you want these extra safety features you can have them but its left to you to decide what suits your budget/risk factor.

So if any of you fancy something a little different to just going around in circles all day why not have a look at Javelin and maybe come and join for one day and see what you think of it.

Re: Low Cost Racing

Posted: Mon Aug 08, 2022 6:36 pm
by adithorp
How's it going Pete? Did you make it to 3 Sisters?

Re: Low Cost Racing

Posted: Tue Aug 09, 2022 8:46 am
by peter030371
adithorp wrote:How's it going Pete? Did you make it to 3 Sisters?

sore campervan got about 20 miles on the way up on Friday and went into limp mode, I could just about reach 30mph up hill! Having got stuck coming home in it last time I didn't fancy getting stuck again so crawled home and put the car away for the weekend so I could work on the van.

Now trying to work out why I keep getting this low boost issue on the van. Two T5 experts have already looked at it and one said 'its fine' after running it up on his rolling road, which it clearly is not, and the other said the turbo vanes are sticking. Second guy recommended putting a turbo cleaner through it first so did that Saturday. Next up is getting the N75 valve checked/replaced, I have spent half the weekend watching how to do this on youtube. Once that is done I will do a 'dry run' towing again and see if it still has the problem. I've got VCDS so I should be able to look at/log live data just need to work out how to do that.

I thought about going up late Saturday in the Disco, sleeping in the car/trailer and just doing Sunday but I hadn't finished on the van by then and had already mentally written the weekend off.

Two more rounds left this year, Blyton (September) and Cadwell (October). I am busy the Blyton weekend but looking to possible change things around now to fit that in as well as Cadwell.

Re: Low Cost Racing

Posted: Tue Aug 09, 2022 7:13 pm
by adithorp
That's a passer!

Variable turbo vanes sticking is a fairly common fault in the vag tdi's but theres plenty of other stuff that can cause a limp home too. Turbo clean might help if it is that. What fault codes are you getting?