Would anyone like to display there JPSC car inside at Stoneleigh?

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Would anyone like to display there JPSC car inside at Stoneleigh?

Postby Edd » Fri Apr 22, 2022 4:57 pm

Hi All,
Please see message below from Grosvenor, if anyone is happy to show there car, and can follow the restrictions below...including not being able to leave until 1630 on Monday! Please message me asap and I'll arrange it.

I have 13 3x3m stands available in Hall 2 that as always I haven’t been able to sell as the Accessory stands are few and far between these days (Hall 1 is looking great) so rather than leave the space empty, I’m writing to ask if you would be willing to take 1 3x3m stand and use it for displaying one of your club cars over the weekend as well as attracting new members. As I only have 13 spaces available and over 70 clubs I will have to work on a first come first serve basis for these. I will include a free exhibitor vehicle pass and badge so the owner of the car that is on display will get free access to the show for the weekend. If you could reply a.s.a.p. with your interest into this I will allocate the space and get the badges sent to you on Monday.

The only requirements that have to be met are the following.

Access to the hall is restricted to (movement of the car) Saturday Setup 10am – 6pm, then Sunday and Monday Before 9am and after 4.30pm if you need to move the car to get to and from home or where you’re staying.

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