Le Mans 2022

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Le Mans 2022

Postby Edd » Tue Nov 16, 2021 11:07 am

Hi All,

We WILL be going back to La Sarthe next year! Just the annual email seeing if anyone wants to join the regulars! As past people will confirm it's a great trip, great company with the greatest race thrown in for good measure!

I am happy to book everything, or as much or as little as you'd like! Ferries/Camping/Race Tickets!

James wanted to make it a long trip this year and we have already booked our crossing as we have the credit sat with DFDS and wanted to use it.
We are heading Newhaven-Dieppe Tuesday evening about 2300 hours and coming back from Dieppe 0200 (I think) Tuesday.

You are very welcome, in fact encouraged to join those crossings as it's much better to travel together, but I am aware they are both early and antisocial timings! So am happy to book whatever times/crossings you would like. It would be nice to keep as many people together as possible for a great convoy across France!

Camping - we stay at a campsite in Spay, about 15 minutes from the circuit (if no traffic lol!) with a great bunch of Dutch and other nationalities who really look after everyone!

So, Let me know your thoughts/questions and what ferries/options you may like? Would be nice to get some convoys together?

Obviously, a bit early for bookings yet, but Christmas will soon be upon us! Only thing I will add is the ferry prices seems higher this year; like everything I guess!

Looking forward to hearing from some of you shortly,



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