Feeling hot hot hot!

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Feeling hot hot hot!

Postby Johnc2435 » Sun Jul 14, 2019 5:06 pm

Thought I'd start with some topical disco!

The engine bay of my stylus is getting hot hot hot!
After about 20mins I get running issues, it starts to stall on over run and at idle. Then wont start till cooler.wster temp is ok.

It's a fiat, 2.0 TC Miafiori engine.

All my ignition is new, inc blue bosch coil. The coil however is mounted exhaust manifold side as not much room for it on the other with the 40s and the distributor.

'm thinking could be coil getting hot from exhaust?

Or fuel vapourisation? , carbs feel pretty cool to to the touch tho.
Drivers front wing is also very hot to the touch with exhaust running through. Should I heat matt the inside of the wing?

2 questions, is the heat my issue and does anyone have the same or know how i remove the heat? If I wrap the manifold , I would have to cut a window in the fiberglass cill to let heat out there at the silencer. Make vents in wheel arches? (Dry weather driver only anyway).

I'm thinking of rebuilding the webbers anyway as I have gasket kits and possibly upgrade the pipes, filters and pump , There is some dodgy wiring below, no idea what wiring is for but it uses scotch blocks so they should be soldered properly and tidied up.

Any ideas ?


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Re: Feeling hot hot hot!

Postby peter030371 » Mon Jul 15, 2019 12:18 pm

Can't help with how you remove the heat but when my old Fiat TC engined Striker ran rough when it got hot it was down to the coil breaking down.

Also if you have the service kit for the Webers then give them a re-fresh as that could be a factor in it.
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Re: Feeling hot hot hot!

Postby pigeondave » Mon Jul 15, 2019 1:21 pm

Heat will kill most things.

The part of the side pod which faces the front wheel is completely cut out on the Fury, there are also circular holes to the underside of the side pod to let air in/out. I'm not sure how well they work TBH. the back of the side pod is also open. The whole length of the side pod had head shield stuck to it internally.

heat shield the bonnet too as that will bugger up the paint.

some do this
http://i302.photobucket.com/albums/nn87 ... C00620.jpg
(not my car just a google search)
this allows cooling and a bigger silencer so you don't sound so much like a hooligan.

Also try to get a bit of heat shield over the coil.

Its important to keep things cool.
I've just improved the flow through the rad with some correx, will do a write up when i got more pics.

I've rambled on for long enough

Also forgot that the Stylus has a small bonnet and not a flip front like the Fury

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Name: John Cunningham

Re: Feeling hot hot hot!

Postby Johnc2435 » Mon Jul 15, 2019 5:53 pm

Renovating a kit car is definatly different to a production car. You can always assume the production car must have run correctly at some point., whereas with this stylus I dont know if it has ever run right since built in 95!

Yes there is a cover behind the wheel arch I am tempted to leave it off however its clean down there at the moment whereas I can see it being crappy so after running behind the wheel. Perhaps replace with a mesh grill.

My car doesn't have circle vents in the side pods underneath, but the back into the wheel well is open.

I often go back to the same picture of the side exhaust car and also the red racing fury that is often covered. I like the open silencer and then the headers could be wrapped to reduce the engine bay temps.

Does anyone understand coils? Once they have broken down due to heat are they knackered or fine so long as run cool. It would be a pity if trashed as it's a new Bosch coil.

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