Advice on Yamaha R1/Fazer engines

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Re: Advice on Yamaha R1/Fazer engines

Postby Toed64 » Tue Oct 10, 2017 2:23 pm


In order to keep the bill down, my Riot spent the Summer at Zen Performance in Earith, having jobs done on it in quiet moments. Although I would have liked to have it during the Summer, I have done several track days in my old Corolla track slag and I have had friends (mostly track novices) with me on every trip... The Toyota was the best choice for these occassions!

I did not really understand what was going on with the Riot wiring. After a few hours of investigation and testing, neither did Richard, so we agreed that he should strip it out and start again. The alarm system that had been connected up to remote start, but without a hefty starter relay, was binned, the original Yamaha ECU was still connected and doing something (not sure what), so that was binned. The Yamaha loom had part of the Suzuki loom spliced in and there seemed to be about 80+ yards of thin wire floating about. There were 6 leads coming from the +ve terminal of the battery too! Richard stripped it all away and started again, using heavier wires, with sensible relays and switching that allows for minimum power cable runs and circuit isolation when not in use. The digital dash is all working now, a wide band lamda and a new induction sensor replaced a coolant-spec sensor that had been installed.

Once the new loom was in and tested, a GSXR air box and Jeremy's original re-packable silencer were installed. Two hours of rolling road time later gave some interesting improvements. Almost twice as much torque in the mid range and a power hike from 108bhp to 132bhp at a slightly conservative 11000rpm on petrol that was not very fresh! The power was still rising sharply at 11000, but Richard didn't know what the OE red line would ahve been, so he stopped there.

It's now silky smooth, free revving and quieter than the average bike. I shouldn't have any trouble getting into Bedford now! The horrible lack of torque is replaced with ample pull to get off the line without silly clutch slip too. I'm very pleased to discover that the engine is a really good one.

Once I've fitted a new battery, I'll be out 'testing' with a big smile on my face!

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Re: Advice on Yamaha R1/Fazer engines

Postby jeffw » Tue Oct 10, 2017 4:26 pm

Well done

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