Jacking up cars- Stylus

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Jacking up cars- Stylus

Postby Johnc2435 » Thu Oct 11, 2018 12:32 pm

Hi Guys,

New boy John here from south wales. I've just put an introduction in the intro section. I am looking for advice.

I will be renovating the underside rear of my new (to me) stylus this winter, fuel tank, light rust behind wheel on steel members and a surface rusted rear axle (rs2000), plus some sump gasket work.

What is the best solution for raising the car up to do the work? I have seen on ebay tilting lifts that use sds drill to turn leadscrews, exhibition car ramps, individual motorbike type stands under each wheel????. All seem to have their limitations.

I cant put in a proper lift.

Its only a light car so I could build wooden supports made from 5x2 and wood posts spanning the cill length after lifting up all corners with high lift trolley jacks?, but I dont really know which areas are strong enough and which are not. Also the exhaust is in the cill so I am guessing the actual chassis is more central?

I am sure not a new problem so if you could give me some hints to what works for you I would be very grateful.



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Re: Jacking up cars- Stylus

Postby pigeondave » Fri Oct 12, 2018 8:58 am


I never thought of using timber to hold he car in the air, but i suppose it will work as the posts will be short and a 4"x4" lump will support 2t when used is houses and the cars weigh 750kg tops.

As for support, the stylus is a little different to the Fury chassis as its got lower sides to make the doors deeper. Because of this its more of a monocoque with the chassis tubes having metal plate welded between them. But i would look at sticking the axle stands (I use these at the highest height) below any suspension point pickups at the front, on the rear I put an axle stand on the corner of the chassis, where two bars meet at 90 degrees.

As for what to use paint wise, I've used Hydrate 80 by Bilt Hamber.

The only issue you might have is that the high lift jacks are a bugger to get under the car to start with. I've got some 2 by 8 to get the car high enough to get the jack under.

All the best with it and plenty of photos please.

also look on clubstylus.be theyre are a helpful bunch but its a little quiet. Matt posts here as well as there.

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Re: Jacking up cars- Stylus

Postby Taff Striker » Fri Oct 12, 2018 8:57 pm

Croeso from Llandeilo :D

Not sure how much difference there is in chassis design between a Stylus and a Striker but when building/working on my car I made up these stands which support the car at my jacks maximum working height - one pair under the front chassis and another under the rear axle or chassis rails. Makes life a whole lot easier 8-)



Best of luck with the project ;)

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Name: John Cunningham

Re: Jacking up cars- Stylus

Postby Johnc2435 » Sat Oct 13, 2018 11:17 am

Thanks guys for the advice.
I have been looking at seesaw car display ramps as an option. They are on eBay for about 300. Storage would be a pain and I'd end up parking on them.
A car tilter portable lift is about the same but easier to store in my garage full of very useful stuff I only ended up using once! :roll:

Hopefully new car pic will upload this time.

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