Debden 7th March

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Debden 7th March

Postby jeffw » Mon May 08, 2017 6:45 am

I was at Debden yesterday. Weather was a bit off in the morning but cleared up in the afternoon. Lots of cones as always but it is a pretty quick circuit these days. I was in a class of one so the aim was to get in amongst the single seaters on time and be the fastest non-single seater. My best time from the event in October last year on basically the same layout was a 82.11 secs run.



P1 80.1
P2 79.8

T1 77.9
T2 75.58
T3 77.10 (tried too hard).

0-100 on a very crappy surface was 6.78secs and max braking G was 1.9G, max lateral 1.7G. Ended up 4th overall, fastest time was a 70sec run by one of the big single seaters. this is the the T1 run as the video is playing up again (no sound on this run).

Snetterton for a double header this weekend.

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