My old Fury has resurfaced

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My old Fury has resurfaced

Postby clairetoo » Sat Aug 05, 2017 8:50 pm

Some of you older members may remember me from a few years ago - I used to own a fairly mad Mazda V6 powered Fisher Fury that di more than a few touring trips around the Alps , went like stink , and had a bonnet bulge you could land a helicopter on.........
Well , after a particularly spirited drive up a fast mountain pass (just had to get past an Audi RS somethingorother....) the stock Mx5 gearbox cried enough , and I limped it home.........all the way from Italy at 56mph.......parked it , sold the engine , finished building a V6 powered Mx5 , and eventually sold the Fury rolling chassis to a guy who was gonna do it up / sort it out / make it better etc etc......

Fast forward a few years.......and its popped up on fleabay , un finished , looking a right state , with a very poorly written listing lacking any kind of detail or meaningful information.......

So , if anyone is looking for what could be a bargain project , look me up and I can give you the full spec on what was a well sorted car .
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Re: My old Fury has resurfaced

Postby pigeondave » Fri Aug 11, 2017 1:18 pm

I liked the extra bracing to the front of the chassis it was a V shape if i remember rightly.
Did you do any other bits of fettling to the chassis?
What advantages did the V bracing give?

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