Fletching Pyromusical Bonfire Night 26/10

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Fletching Pyromusical Bonfire Night 26/10

Postby MaRkStar » Mon Oct 21, 2013 1:38 pm

When I'm not tinkering with the kit car my other hobby is firework displays, this weekend we're in Fletching Sussex
Sussex is famed for it's bonfire societies, processions and fireworks so if you're after something to do Saturday evening then popping across to Fletching will be well worth you while
So if you're anywhere between Haywards Heath and Crowborough, East Grinstead and Lewes come along
Village entertainments and processions from 6:30pm pyromusical by Ashdown Fireworks starts when all the procession and crowds are in the field some when between 9-9:30pm
During the show I'll be sat in the middle just in front of the crowd barrier on a garden chair - unless I'm on winch duty - feel free to give us a shout, there could be three Marks so if they ask which one Rapley is my surname.
If you want a feel of what we get up to search YouTube Fletching Fireworks
We do fire balls too ;) check out 0:51 into this vid (poor quality) but listen to the crowds reaction :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcZT9p9IQ6w
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